Young Independence

 Young Independence


Our new Young Independence wing is now operational. If you are under the age of 30 and are keen to be at the forefront of our new and exciting Youth wing, then please e-mail us at  NB If you are under 22, membership is just £2!


Why do we have 'Young Independence'?

None of the three other parties listen to the voices of the younger voters. They think we are of little importance and that our views do not matter.

  • UKIP listens to voters of every age, nationality, gender and religion. We don't discriminate!

Do you agree that it is wrong that young people who go to University should have to be put in to debt for the rest of their lives because of ridiculously expensive tuition fees?


  • UKIP will abolish the unfair tuition fee scheme, and leave more money in the pockets of people who decide to go to University.

Do you agree those that earn the bare minimum should have to pay no tax whatsoever?


  • UKIP will take those that earn the minimum wage out of tax completely!


Why not join Young Independence today and tell the three main parties that enough is enough?