Welcome from our Chairman

Nigel Farage meets our Chairman, William Compton
Welcome to the UKIP Hertford and Stortford website. Please take a look, and see for yourself, UKIP's common-sense policies.
UKIP is known for its opposition to the European Union; but as the newest and fastest growing of the UK's four major political parties we stand for a lot more than that.
We believe that government at local, national and european level has become too remote from the people. That they have forgotten that they work for us and that the people's voice - the voice of common sense - is too often ignored and over-ridden.
We believe this is certainly the case here in East Herts, with its District Council out of touch and riding rough-shod over the people that live and work here. We are facing major housing developments all over Hertford, Ware, Bishop's Stortford, Sawbridgeworth and our lovely villages and green-belt. Our councillors say that there is nothing they can do! Saying no to unsustainable, poorly thought-out development would be a good start.
Shops are shutting through too-high rates imposed upon them and punitive carparking charges drive their customers away in droves. One East Herts Councillor actually said recently of shoppers complaining about high car-parking charges, "If they don't like it they can shop elsewhere"  And that is just what they are doing.
Destruction of green-belt, destruction of businesses, massive development of unwanted houses, lack of school places, inadequate health services, crumbling roads, and not a blind bit of notice paid by OUR representatives to our opinion, wants or needs. It is pure arrogance.
Councils should exist to serve their communities, not just spend their money.
Elected councillors should put their communities, not party politics, first. Thousands of people across Hertfordshire agreed with this and voted UKIP at the county election in May this year, rocketing UKIP into second place across the county, and we're growing stronger and stronger.
Here at Hertford & Stortford UKIP, our members come from every parish and town in the area. We are a growing group of people from all walks of life, all trades and professions, and differing political backgrounds who have all said, "enough is enough".
Why not join us - or contact us to find out more? You really will be most welcome.
William Compton
Hertford & Stortford Constituency Association